At DAXEL Insurance, our values reflect who we are and are the DNA of our corporate culture. Our priority is to work under the premises of our values.  

Customer service orientation

Our priority is customer satisfaction. To empathize with the client's concerns and needs, as well as to offer the best solution when needed. 

Our philosophy is oriented to work exceeding the client's expectations and to be, therefore, a reference in the sector.


Teamwork is fundamental for us. A common work that is based on the pillars of respect and support, both among our employees and with our collaborators.


We are passionate about our work and new challenges. Our motivation and optimism is the inexhaustible energy that drives us to improve day by day.


Our top priority is to guarantee a personalized service, of the highest quality and in the shortest possible time. 

We continuously improve our standards, procedures and products in order to guarantee the highest quality and customization of service. We also closely follow the market in order to anticipate and find the best solutions for our customers.


We do not forget that we are constant effort and daily work. Humility makes us see the limitations of our perspective and helps us grow and improve. The diversity of points of view and the support of experts is a strength.


We foster a culture of innovation because it allows us to deliver business solutions in record time, provide technical excellence, as well as improve processes and increase customer expectations. We adapt to the changing needs of society.


We are deeply committed to what we do and take an ethical and sustainable approach to managing our portfolio. 


We work hard every day to earn the trust of our customers. The closeness with which we provide our services and the security we offer are the basis for maintaining the relationship with our customers.