DAXEL is an underwriting agency that offers a range of specialized and tailor-made insurance products to provide the best solution for our clients.  

We underwrite risks on behalf of the insurance company on behalf of which we act. Clients who insure their risks through an underwriting agency enjoy the same protection and rights as if they had contracted directly with the insurance company. The insurance companies that support us are of the highest solvency and have an A+ rating according to Standard & Poor's

Underwriting Agencies are regulated and supervised by the Spanish Authority, Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones (DGSFP), so they are a guarantee of solvency and security.

Our Products

General Liability

We offer Civil Liability insurance policies, for personal and/or material damages and their consequences, caused to third parties and derived from the insured activity. In addition, we offer complementary coverage adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

Professional Liability

We cover Professional Liability for claims produced by errors and omissions committed during the development of a professional activity that generate an economic damage to a third party.

Directors' and Officers' Liability - D&O

The best insurance coverage to protect the directors or administrators against possible claims from third parties, for possible acts or omissions that could be negligent in the management and administration of the entity.


Insure yourself against any incident or cyber attack. We protect your business against digital risks. Check our extensive coverage.

Environmental Liability

This product is aimed at all companies that want to insure themselves against the risks of causing damage to the environment, as well as for the environmental civil liability they may incur against third parties. Because all companies, regardless of their sector and activity, can cause damage related to the environment.

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