Major event to mark the start of operations in Spain of Mexican broker ANCORA Seguros y Fianzas

Our most sincere thanks to ANCORA Seguros y Fianzas for making us part of their magnificent celebration of the beginning of operations in Spain.

It has certainly been very inspiring to meet his team and learn more about his successful track record in Mexico.

At DAXEL we are confident that their innovative approach and commitment to service excellence will bring great value to the insurance market in our country.

As Enrique Murguía Pozzi explained in a magnificent reflection, just as 'the cow does not give milk', the success of ANCORA Seguros y Fianzas comes from its continuous effort, work and passion for doing things well.

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to be part of your exciting journey in Spain.

We have no doubt that ANCORA Seguros y Fianzas will have all the success in the world in this new chapter. Their dedication, experience and passion are a guarantee of a bright future.